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Tadoba Online Safari Booking

Located in the most populated state of India, Maharashtra, the Tadoba National Park is charming when wandering amidst the jungle to view its inhabitants. Moreover, people from various parts of the world arrive here to see the most righteous tigers nestling in the core areas of the Tadoba forest. People can explore the park by going on jeep safaris and they can do it by Tadoba jungle safari booking. Therefore, exploring the woods with a jungle safari ride is of utmost importance to give a natural feeling to your heart of what we would imagine while reading the stories like 'The Jungle Book' or 'The Lion Kingdom'.

With a bounty of natural ingredients decomposed in the deep jungle and a wide variety of flora and fauna, you would get the same thrill while wandering the forest areas of Tadoba online Safari booking. You can opt for Tadoba Jeep Safari Booking to wander inside the jungle. In the jeep safari, you can accommodate six people along with one driver and a guide which happens in two shifts, one in the morning and the other in the evening. The ride is hassle-free and performs with pure safety and security regulations. Moreover, photography in the park lets you capture unbelievable moments with your camera. You can also opt for Tadoba Canter Safari Booking for groups as Canter can hold up to 14 people at one go.

Tadoba Jeep Safari Booking

Opt for advanced Tadoba Jeep Safari Booking for the jeep ride by acknowledging the jeep safari booking procedure; due to its huge demand, it is impossible to get a seat for you and your family after arriving at Tadoba National Park. Otherwise, if you cannot do so contact us, and we will guide you.

Central Core Zones

1. Tadoba Zone: Extends from Kalara and Navegaon Gates

2. Moharli Zone: Extends from Moharli and Khulwanda Gates

3. Kolsa Zone: Extends from Zari and Pungadi Gates

Booking in 4-59 Days Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday
Amount INR 7000 INR 8000
Booking in 60-120 Days Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday
Amount INR 9800 INR 14300
Booking in 1-3 Days(Tatkal) Monday to Friday N/A
Amount INR 16000 16000
Tadoba Safari Timing
Safari Timing
Period Morning Evening
Months Entry Exit Entry Exit
1-31 Oct 06:00 hrs 10:00 hrs 14:30 hrs 18:30 hrs
1 Nov-28/29 Feb 06:30 hrs 10:30 hrs 14:00 hrs 18:00 hrs
1 Mar-30 Apr 06:00 hrs 10:00 hrs 14:30 hrs 18:30 hrs
1 May-30 June 05:30 hrs 09:30 hrs 15:00 hrs 19:30 hrs
Important Information about Jeep Safari in Tadoba
  • Jeep Safari rides in Tadoba National Park are defined to explore the core and buffer horizon of the jungle.
  • You can visit the park throughout the year, and it remains open for 12 months.
  • Two shifts are being provided for Jeep Safari for core and buffer contributing rides, one in the Morning and another in the evening.
  • Night safari is available, and you have to book it separately.
  • Online Jungle safari bookings in advance is a wise decision to get your ticket to the park. It provides the best and most helpful entry gates for every individual.
  • Safaris to core zones are very enjoyable, where you have more wildlife exploration, which is possible via jeep safaris only.
Online Jeep Safari Booking Procedure

Do you want a straight forward online procedure for online booking at Tadoba National Park, if yes read these details

  • Avail of two options to venture tickets: Regular and Tatka.
  • Booking for the safaris 3 days prior is advisable to avoid the long queue.
  • If you are opting for Tatkal, you will be attending with a few gypsies.
  • Provide your available dates to check out all the Tadoba zones .
  • Providing your date and time, you have achieved a final registration with the safari after the online payments are cleared.
  • You need to show the confirmation receipt, for they download the pass from the desktop. So keep a hard copy of the pass to show at the gat.

Best time to visit Tadoba

The tropical climate of the Tadoba National Park encourages travelers to view the park from March to May. It is considered the most suitable time to visit the park as the weather in the forest remains calm and pleasing just before the arrival of the sunniest summer season. Besides, from October to February, visiting the park is also a prime time as winter starts falling and the weather becomes chilly at night but pleasant in the morning. Both tourists and wildlife acquire an excellent mood to wander throughout the park and enjoy the winter to the fullest. You can select any of the best times to visit Tadoba at your convenience and visit the park for a wildlife escapade as the wildlife awaits your the Tadoba Route Chart attached beneath for insight into details of your itinerary.

Tadoba Jeep safari
Tadoba safari tigers
Tadoba jungle safari

Route Chart to Tadoba 

Location Distance Route
Nagpur to Moharli Gate 180 km Via Chandrapur - Nagpur Rd/Mancherial
Chandrapur to Moharli Gate 30 km Via Durgapur Road
Chandrapur to Navegaon Gate 100 km Need not to go Chimur
Chandrapur to Kolara Gate 120 km Via Chimur
Nagpur to Kolara Gate 100 km Via Umred, Bhisi, Chimur
Nagpur to Navegaon Gate 140 km Via Chandrapur
Nagpur to Khutwanda Gate 140 km Via Chandrapur - Nagpur Rd/Mancherial
Nagpur to Pangadi Gate 250 km Via Chandrapur - Nagpur Rd/Mancherial
Nagpur to Zari Gate 190 km Via Ghat Rd and Rambagh Rd