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As Tadoba National Park contributes to a vast and diversified area, a situation arises when the forest department distinguishes the park into two zones, Moharli, Kosl, and Tadoba, which are further divided into gates. The gates are subdivided into Core Zones of Tadoba and buffer gates. Every gate is connected to each making a smooth and hassle-free journey for its visitors. So, if you want to make your next trip adventurous and thrilling, you will find the core has six gates and buffer zones categorized into sixteen gates with good connections.

The Entry Gates of the Core Zone of Tadoba

  • Moharli Gate: The first and most preferred Entry Gates in Tadoba of Tadoba national park is the Moharli Gate; it serves as the core and buffer zone to the park. It is 180 kilometers from the city of Nagpur. Tiger safari rides are available; one can access nine safaris in two shifts regularly.
  • Kolara Gate: Kolara Gate gives access to the core zone and allows 18 tiger safaris divided by nine in each shift; it is 120 km from Nagpur airport.
  • Khutwanda Gate: It contributes a significant portion of land in Tadoba national park, accompanied by six gates. It is 140 km from Nagpur airport, which lies in the core zone. Four tiger safaris are provided to the tourists regularly from this gate in both shifts.
  • Navegaon Gate: It is considered the most seamless gateway to the core zones located 140 km from Nagpur. You can enjoy the safari rides, three each in the morning and evening of the day.
  • Zari Gate: This entry gate is 190 km from Nagpur and has six safaris in morning and evening shifts.

The Entry Gates of the Buffer Zone of Tadoba

  • Agarzari Gate: This buffer zone is interconnected with many zones and gates. People may find it easier to see tigers and other animals while wandering from one gate to another. The entrance is 20 km away from the sub-district headquarters Chandrapur.
  • Devada-Adegaon Gate: Bird lovers will find this safari gate in Tadoba very attractive. They will find this buffer zone as one of the refreshing zones as they can hear the noise and chirping of different types of birds nestling in the trees of the zone.
  • Junona Gate: Being an amalgamation of buffer and core, the tourists can get the excitement of watching the wild animals and birds that come here for migration and stay for three to four months until the weather changes.
  • Ramdegi-Navegaon Gate: This zone is ideal for taking a jeep safari ride which will take you to the deepest part of the jungles to view the most ferocious tigers. Relaxing here as well with the impeccable view.
  • Madnapur Gate: Tourists who have a customized tour at Tadoba national park may prefer this gate. Spotting tigers is high here, and many other animal species are wandering inside this zone. However, the major attraction of this zone is the Zunabai female tigress, which is very much in demand and outrageous in this park.
  • Mamla Gate: This new gate is a very recent addition to the buffer zones, privileged in marking various animal sightings.
  • Pangadi Aswal Chuha Gate: Get an unpredictable view of nature and its belongings in this zone. It is inherited with some surprising elements and offers the most unpredictable instances of aggressive animals making the zone unmatched and the most demanding.
  • Shirkada Gate: If you want to have a pleasing view of the entire forest, pick this gate which is a buffer zone, offering an excellent and solemn sight of the tigers via a tiger safari to the deep forests.
  • Zari/Peth Gate: Zari/Peth provides an average number of safaris available twice in the morning and the afternoon.
  • Palasgaon Gate: One at this place many consider this zone as the honeymoon space for the newly wedded couple. They come here to spend a few days amidst the jungle where nobody can disturb them instead of the wild animals whose razors can disrupt them at particular moments. Safaris can be opted from this zone in two shifts, usually at Tadoba national park, along with the night safari facility.
  • Kolara Chauradeo Gate:The chances of spotting the tigers here are very high; it is appreciable to get the two-times tiger safari availability, and easy to access this zone because it is very near to the airport and easily reachable for the tourists.
  • Khalghat: The most extravagant and refreshing zone of all, where you can escape from all the challenging and crisis moments of your life and give a cheer to your life at this Kesi Ghat safari gate by enjoying the rides and viewing the tigers.
  • Nimdela–Ramdegi: The utmost beauty of nature falls in this zone, though a little far from Chandrapur by the considerable demand, doest says it at all.
  • Belara Gate: Nobody can repent for making even a short trip to Tadoba national park if they get into the forest from this Belara Gate. The maximum sightings of tigers and wild animals can be enjoyed here.
  • Alizanza Gate: If you want to spend two nights at Tadoba national park, walk into the most desired resorts built alongside the gate, which enables its visitors to enter the zone via a jeep safari ride. It is also very near to the Nagpur airport giving you an incredible sighting of the overall forest is mindblowing in this zone.
  • Adegaon Gate: The daily safaris you can avail of from this gate can be found in the Tadoba Buffer Zones, which take place in the morning and evening for fantastic sightings daily.