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Tourists have a good conception of this gate, which has made it the sought-after gate amongst the other six gates of the Tadoba national park, particularly for Jeep Safaris. Navegaon is closest to Nagpur; the distance from the Nagpur station to the gate is 140km. Being quite far from the central city of Nagpur, the residents of the buffer zone and other forest departments have opened many three-star hotels and resorts for tourists to spend their nights relishing the beauty of nature while staying underneath it. These resorts are close to the zone, around 500m and 5km from the Navegaon zone, and have excellent connectivity to other buffer zones.

From this zone, the Tadoba National Park forest authority allows six vehicles, jeep or canter, to give rides to their passengers six times in the morning and six times in the evening. Maharashtra forest department provides the best ecotourism in Tadoba, offering convenient access to the safari trails making it far easier for the tourist to get a kick start from the morning safaris without wasting any time. The Navegaon safari is a complete 3-4 hour excursion, mostly taken while excavating the inner areas of the forest to provide the tourists some glimpses of the majestic Royal Bengal tiger. The forest department conducts the jeep safaris that depart from each zone along with their timings; in that case, experienced drivers are always accompanied by a Tadoba Tourism Zones guide.

Taking an extravagant trip to the deep forest from this gate is always a retreat at the Safaris to this gate. Don't miss it by any means to venture into the inner parts in addition to the impeccable beauty of Tadoba National Park. Also, there are several guidelines for the tourist to choose their preferable buffer/core gates wisely, which is crucial to get the proper spotting of tigers. Match your priorities with the park's availability to get up-to-the-mark facilities and participate in other activities.

Our Packages

Specific rules and regulations are allotted to the Jeep safari in Navegaon and at the Navegaon Gate in Tadoba; one accommodates six adults and two children in one safari ride along with a driver and a guide.

Certain Points:

  • You need to acquire or purchase permit tickets from the Zari gate to view the tigers for the jeep safari in Tadoba and to the forest administrators at the entry gate.
  • You must adhere to the booking rules to get permission to the forest; depending on availability, you must come first to demand the tickets.
  • A guide and a driver are compulsory for the jeep safari ride to enter the reserve core zone. The jeep safari allows six adults, including two children, for the safari ride.

Advance Booking Must Have:

  • Jeep Safari rides in Tadoba National Park are defined to explore the core and buffer horizon of the jungle.
  • Carry all the identification proof for verification at the entrance to the gate, along with certain documents when shown during the registration that judges your sex, marital status, religion, and so on.
  • Booking before 45 days is very much needed to get the tickets quickly and to avoid the last-minute hassle.
  • You can visit the park throughout the year, and it remains open for 12 months.
  • Two shifts are being provided from the Navegaon safari gate for core and buffer contributing rides, one in the Morning and another in the evening.
  • Night safari is available; you must book it separately at Tadoba National Park.
  • Online Jungle safari bookings in advance almost 24 days before is a wise decision to get your ticket to the park and your preferred zones. It provides the best and most helpful entry gates for every individual. Or look at the booking procedure at their site.
  • Safaris to core zones are very much enjoyable, where you have more wildlife exploration.
  • Drivers and guides will accompany you with your jeep safari ride to the inner parts of the zones at every gateway.