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Agarzari Safari Gate

Located 112 km from Chandrapur, this part of Tadoba National Park gives marvelous glimpses of the forest people in the urban area couldn't imagine. A large area scattered with ponds, lakes, and other easter bodies is a requirement of living beings to quench their thirst and mainly for survival. You might have glanced at wild animals coming near the ponds during the summer to bathe or quench their thirst. In winter, many migratory birds are seen near the lakes to stay there for a few months until autumn arrives. Many tourists consider the area a landmark of natural beautification where heaven falls apart to give humans an accurate view of what they think heaven is.

Accommodation near this area or the Tadoba buffer zones is abundant, and nobody has to worry about it. But it is always recommended that prior booking of the resort will give you the preferred resort you want to spend nights in a while staying at this zone. You can book the jeep safari in Tadoba from this gate from the reception of these hotels; they are very much friendly to give you special treats towards your journey to Tadoba National Park. People who want to spend private time with their family and friends can prefer this gate; it is very much consoled and isolated from the massive rush of the Tadoba National Park. All entertainment segments, such as amusement parks, picnic spots, water parks, ridings, and resorts, are held at this gate.

More Information

Agarzari safari gate is the most attractive gate in Tadoba National Park that keeps introducing you to the deepest parts of the forest and its habitats. The real essence of adventures becomes fruitful after visiting the wildlife and staying here for decades. You can avail of 10 jeep safaris providing their services at Agarzari gate. The availability of 5 jeeps is assured to run in the morning shifts and 5 jeeps in the evening.

Advance Booking Procedure in Tadoba :

  • The identity cards should provide all the information about the sex, marital status, age, and nationality of the visitor.
  • The timings of the safari are held in two shifts most of the time. (Morning and Afternoon)
  • Providing id cards during the entrance and carrying them is essential, like voter cards, Aadhaar cards, driving licenses, etc.
  • Pay the safari entry fee before avoiding the rush.
  • You should carry the same id card shown while booking the tickets online.
  • Safari rides are non-refundable, so you should not claim them.
  • Prior safari ride booking is essential for foreign travelers, and they should also carry their authentic parrot and identification proofs.
  • Safari booking is allotted on the first cum first-serve basis.