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Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park is one of the oldest wildlife destinations in India's outskirts of Chandrapur district, Maharashtra. It is one of the largest ones, sprawled in an area of 625.4 square kilometers giving a homely space to the most endangered and aggressive wildlife and providing a wide diversity of fauna. The park also offers magnificent and amusing tourist activities as an evening pass-time event. A division of three zones has made the forest even more attractive, and each zone has its characteristics enveloped with beatification and many more. Exploring the three zones on an open jeep or a Tadoba Canter safari has its accomplishment, one of the most highly demanded activities by tourists there. So if you are a serious wanderlust, take advantage of such a significant part of our country, bestowing very wandering facilities to their tourists. Let us see what makes these Tourism Zones of Tadoba even more relishing for tourists and Indians-

Famous Zone of Tadoba National Park :

  • 1. Moharli Zone: Moharli Gate is the gate's entrance and is situated in the Moharli zone, one of the best places to view the endangered animals and most ferocious tigers dwelling at this gate for years. You can view them only by entering from the entrance, making it the most visited zone. When venturing the zone with a guide, he will acknowledge the park's history and the highlighted areas where the tigers and their family commonly reside in their natural habitat. You can also witness the panoramic view of nature and beauty. The wanderlust desire makes it fruitful while visiting this park only, making it a country's premium wildlife and biosphere reserve. Although each of the Core Zones of Tadoba National Park is interconnected, you can prolong wandering in the forest by changing your zones, but you have to acquire tickets from the gate. In addition, there are 7 gates existing in this zone; the names are given underneath:

  • Moharli Gate
  • Khutwanda Gate
  • Agarzari Gate
  • Devada Gate
  • Adegaon Gate
  • Junona Gate
  • Mamla Gate
  • 2. Navegaon Zone: being one of the best core zones amongst all occurring at Tadoba national park, many people overlook it because of its distance from Nagpur. It is situated 140 km away from Nagpur, and you need to stay in between if you cannot bear such a long journey on the same day. The core zone is famous for its safari; two rides are provided from this zone: morning and afternoon. Many Hotels and resorts are located beside the gate, making the journey convenient for tourists who want to go for a safari ride amidst the vast jungle. It is a complete package tour for the most serious wildlife lovers who want to view them and see their participation on our planet to make it dynamic. Six vehicles are allowed from his zone at regular intervals; you are given two to three excavations while riding on the jeep or canter.

  • The structuring of the jungle is quite brilliant, and you will be confused after itching in the core areas to make the trip enjoyable, also for that; the forest department helps the travelers by providing a good guide who directs the safari to reach the gate after viewing all the animals existing in this part of the zone. After that, you are escorted to your hotels, have lunch, and rest for the trip to get energy for the rest of the journey. This zone has the same routine as Moharali Zone regarding the safari timings. Choosing the right gate will be your priority to get the optimum utilization of your travel. Thus, this zone is further divided into many gates to make easy entry and exit for many tourists.

  • Navegaon Gate
  • Navegaon Ramdegi Gate
  • Nimdela Gate
  • 3. Kolara Zone:Choosing the correct zone for your travel gives an unmatched experience while venturing into such a mystery jungle as Tadoba national park. On this note, the Kokara zone has its specialty and uniqueness; some tourists have a mixture of joy and adventure to give you an impressive view and charm of this wildlife. As described in the characteristic of this zone, many tourists prefer to come and stay at this zone despite other zones existing here, which makes it the second most sought-after Zone of this Tadoba national park. Although this zone's positioning is very impressive, it is located between the most popular zones, Navegaon and Moharli. Witnessing the tigers is always high in this zone because of the high density of tigers in this region. In total, nine vehicles can carry passengers from this zone and enter this zone for safari rides per day. You can see various gates in this Kolara zone going to mention below:

  • Kolara Gate
  • Palasgaon Gate
  • Kolara Chauradeo Gate
  • Alizanza Gate
  • Madnapur Gate
  • Shirkheda Gate
  • Belara Gate
  • 4. Pangadi and Zari Zone:The central area of Tadoba National Park is occupied by this zone; it is said that tourists chase this zone every time they arrive because of its surroundings and the environment that the place bestows to their travelers. With a wide variety of fauna and flora, the zone can provide all the charms of nature in one place. Enjoy the place by staying in small resorts in this zone endowing, which provides all the necessary facilities for their travelers, from good food, washroom, luxurious accommodation, and many more. You can connect from this zone to the other more incredible zones like Moharli, Kolara, and Navegaon. Various entry Gates in Tadoba are:

  • Pangadi Gate
  • Pangadi Aswal Chuha Gate
  • Zari Gate
  • Keslaghat Gate
  • Zari Peth Gate