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The pandemic has made our lives miserable by creating unacceptable situations we still face. As the problem is coming under control, Tadoba National Park reopened this year in October. However, we have learned to become accustomed to such situations occurring in this world with this Covid 19. After several months of lockdown due to the pandemic, Tadoba is allowing its tourists to venture to the fantastic park after maintaining the COVID-19 measures and protocols imbibed by the government of India and the state. Maintaining those rules and measures, you will be able to enter the park, needless to be fearful about confrontation with the virus. The park authorities also maintain proper safety, which is worth trying to date and keep all travelers safe. The new standard rules and regulations will keep travelers up to date and without any compromises.

Entry Permitted with Covid-19 Safety Guidelines:-

After entering the age criteria at the Tadoba National Park entrance gate, you need to get permission before entering the gate after they verify your age. Below the age of 10 years, kids are strictly not allowed to enter the park. Pregnant women and older people above 65 years are not allowed to visit the national park. However, they want tiger visitors to abide by their regulations because it will affect the crowd and the authorities structuring these laws in such tiger reserve zones.

Remarkable Points:

  • The COVID-19 precautions are subjected to minimize the spread of viruses amongst the masses. Therefore, Mask is mandatory to wear while roaming around the park, like social distancing, sanitization, and other measures as imbibed by the park authorities.
  • The tourists should do a DIY test for Covid-19 before entering the park. Also, they should not have any other symptoms related to Covid 19. Such people are not allowed to enter the park right after scanning their temperature at the gate, even in case of booking.
  • The tourists should abide by a strict rule of social distancing while having safaris too. Keep at least a 6 feet gap between two people.
  • Tourists should keep sanitizer when going for a safari ride; even the safari jeep should be properly sanitized.
  • The new standard rules and situations trace online booking for entering the park.
  • Download the Aarogya Setu app on your mobile before visiting the park.
  • Safari riders should bag any foodstuff with them. Only water bottles are allowed.

Hotels and Resorts COVID-19 Precautions:-

  • A thermal screening test of the guest is mandatory before entering the resort or hotel; it is feasible on the first arrival time.
  • Hotels and resorts should keep sanitizers at every corner of their property; even trier rooms should be cleaned with sanitizers after the checkout and check-ins of the guests.
  • In case any tourists seem to have a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms, they should be quarantined right at the moment by the hotel, and authorities will be doing something about it.
  • Wearing masks is mandatory when entering and exiting the hotel, even wandering the garden areas of the hotels; fines should be allotted to those who don't abide by these rules.
  • Over-gathering is not allowed on the hotel property; proper social distancing is mandatory inside the resorts.
  • The Aarogya Setu app should be downloaded to your phone for tracking the nearest COVID-19 victim. Suppose you want to visit the Tadoba National Park in a good environment. In that case, every tourist needs to follow the rules and guidelines as instructed by the park authorities of park safety. Feel the charm of nature and see its inhabitants wandering inside the deep forest while maintaining COVID-19 Safety Rules at Tadoba.