Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve or Tadoba National Park is a wild tourist spot, famous among wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. This park is located in Maharashtra and is one of the most preferred tiger destinations in India. Here you can enjoy different types of activities like jeep safaris, boat rides, birding, trekking, etc. Here is a list of activities that you can enjoy in and around Tadoba National Park. 

Top Activities Around Tadoba

1. Visit to Butterfly Garden 

The beautiful butterfly garden is located at the Agarzari village on Chandrapur- Moharli Road near Tadoba National Park. This garden covers a huge area of five acres and it’s a real butterfly world. The butterfly goes through 4 different life stages: egg, larva, Chrysalis, and adult, you can see each life stage of butterflies here. It’s an open-air meadow that has food plants to attract butterflies. Many butterflies from Tadoba visit this place and around 80 species of them, call this place their home. This garden was inaugurated back on February 10th and it was made to educate tourists about butterflies and the importance of every species in the ecosystem. You can get knowledge about different kinds of butterflies after coming here. This garden was made to conserve butterflies but many people try to catch butterflies in their hands, and because of that, a glasshouse is there in the garden to help the visitors watch the butterflies in proximity.

2. Boat ride in Irai Lake 

The Forest Department offers a boat riding facility on the backwaters of Irai Lake. Many bird watchers and photographers like to do this activity as many residents as well as migratory birds can be found near the lake. Birds like heaven Crested Pochard, Grey Heron, Stork Billed Kingfisher, Cotton pygmy goose, etc. can be found with different migratory birds during the winter season. You can enjoy boat riding on Irai Lake from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Just like safari rides, boating is also closed for tourist activity in Tadoba from July to October end because of the monsoon season. Visiting here and doing a boat ride will surely be an amazing experience for Birdwatchers.

3. Try Jeep Safari Ride 

Tadoba National Park is a wild place that is famous for its tiger population along with a wide variety of other fauna and flora species. Every year, thousands of people come here to see animals from a closer view. People can do that by going on jeep safari rides. Jeep safari rides are done on gypsies, that go inside the park, it offers chances to see wild animals in their natural habitat. To go on rides inside the park, you have to get permits from forest officials. You can book your permit from Tadoba Online Safari Booking. These rides are done in different zones of the park at different times so that people can explore the area according to their preferences. People sometimes cannot book rides according to their timing or zone preference because the slots tend to fill up quickly, so it is advised to book them 45 days before your arrival.

4. Walk into Local Villages

After a thrilling safari ride in Tadoba, walk towards villages near the park. This park is surrounded by various Gond Tribal villages and you can interact with people, to learn about their culture and beliefs. Tell them about yours and gain knowledge about them. You can spend your time enjoying traditional dance and music performances. Take time to see their handicrafts that are uniquely made. Try local food from the shops in and around the villages. This sharing of culture will help you understand how people and nature are linked.

5. Ramdegi Waterfalls and Temple 

If you’re a devotee and into spirituality, then you must visit Ramdegi Temple. It can be a good break from the busy, city life. You can find peace and calm in the surroundings of this place. If you want to have some fun, click some good pictures, and want to see different types of fishes, birds, and butterflies then a visit to Ramdegi waterfall should be there on your checklist. It’s a beautiful scenic place that is located close to Tadoba National Park.

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