Tadoba National Park which is a wild palace, famous among tourists, especially wildlife enthusiasts, remains closed during the monsoon season because of rainfall. After summer, monsoon takes place from July to mid-October and in that period, tourism activities shut down in the area, but this place becomes live during this time. During monsoon, with shades of green, this jungle becomes alive with a mesmerizing symphony of life. The monsoon season is a scenic time, which brings great transformation in the park after summer, as the rain brings out the beauty of greenery in the area. This time is breeding time for some animals and people cannot disturb them during this season. The park becomes brown and dry because of the heat in summer, but because of the monsoon, it changes to a scenic place for tourism in the upcoming months. Everyone must visit here during this time of the year. 

The Greenery Unfolds

As the rain drops gently touch the dusty grounds, a miracle happens. From a dry land to a lush green forest, the park transforms completely. The dull land becomes a lively paradise with greenery and beautiful flowering plants. Trees grow tall which makes a beautiful roof of leaves that provides shelter to animals living there. Many herbivore animals find food in this new green world. Everything looks bright, and the air smells fresh and new.

Wildlife Becomes Happy 

Because of lush green lands, animals start moving. Grazers, like deer, become happy because they get plenty of grass to munch. Big bison called gaur move around like strong castles. Monkeys, like langurs and macaques play around on tall trees, which shows how flora and fauna are connected. Butterflies and other insects sip nectar from flowers and juice from fruits. It’s like a beautiful transformation in nature that people get to see working there. 

The King Comes Out 

With plenty of new plants and food roaming around (prey animals), the real king of the park appears. During monsoon, many prey animals roam in parks for munching and tigers catch them with their amazing skills. As the rain fills up the waterholes, the tigers come out of their hidden homes to drink and show who’s boss. Their shiny fur covered in raindrops makes them even more mysterious and impressive. With so much greenery around, the tigers can hunt easily and they get more energetic during this time. 

It’s time for safaris

When the rainy clouds go away, the Safari season starts in October, and it’s a big deal. During the early month after the monsoon (from October to December), people who love animals and photographers from everywhere come to see this amazing sight. The park remains lush green with beautiful flowers. Animals are more energetic with plenty of food and migratory birds also visit during winters. Every wildlife enthusiast and nature lover becomes excited, and the safari spots fill up very quickly for rides. Many people pre-book their safaris during monsoons so that they can experience the beauty and wilderness just after the opening of the park. If you want to go, you can book your spot quickly online from Tadoba National Park Online Booking. 

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